Gator Bowl Queen

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A Gator Bowl Queen from the 1950′s.  I’m sure someone out there knows the name of these lovely ladies and would like to share them with the rest of us.

I spoke with Gator Bowl Association President and CEO Rick Catlett about the history of the Gator Bowl queens.  The game dates back to 1946 and I would guess the tradition of the queen goes back pretty far as well but according to Catlett the royal line ended shortly after he took over the organization in 1993.  “Beauty pageants got to be difficult in the 1990′s and we had a contestant that did not win make a legal challenge against the association.”  At that point lawyers became involved and Catlett decided “it’s just not worth it” and Gator Bowl royalty became another part of Jacksonville’s history.


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  1. 1 Don Webb January 22nd, 2015 19:31H

    Thank God beauty queens don’t wear lip stick any longer. Lip gloss perhaps, but that painted on lipstick is one thing that takes away from an otherwise beautiful girl.

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