Looking Down On Downtown

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“Aerial photograph showing a portion of the business area of Jacksonville, Fla., on January 10, 1951.  In the middle foreground opposite the tall St. Johns  Apartment Building will be seen the site of the new Federal Reserve Branch Bank Building of Jacksonville, Florida, then under construction.  You can see Hemming Park near the middle of the photo.  The post office is near the center of picture.“ LS

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  1. 1 Ed Sherlinski August 8th, 2012 23:40H

    I have visited Jax over the past few years. My Son now lives and works near areas that the lady I now date visited with her Aunt who lived in Jax back in 1965. I do some photograpy and will be in Jax late Oct. to research some photos I’ve viewed on line. Wondering if you have any images of St. Vincent’s Hospital or the area where the Bank Of America Bldg. now sits. I’m in PA and it’s strange how I see photos from my freinds past and where my Son now lives and works.

    • 2 Bob / Vintage Jacksonville August 9th, 2012 8:45H

      I don’t think I’ve seen anything on the St. Vincent’s area in the collection. There are probably some images of the Bank of America site but I would have to do a little research to narrow them down.

  2. 3 Richard Bowers October 3rd, 2012 22:07H

    The St. Johns Apartments were not built until approx. 1954 or so, just as Woolworths and the JC Penny stores were going up on the side of Hemming Park.

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