Oldsmobile vs Chevrolet

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“An accident on the corner of Ashley & Main Streets. (Not much damage to vehicles). The Building on far left was an old movie studio (1920 or so). Apartments were over the appliance store. Now a vacant building.” LS

A heavy metal Chevrolet pickup truck vs what appears to be a 1959 Oldsmobile Super 88 on the Northern edge of downtown Jacksonville, Florida. A previous post showing the referenced movie studio building can be found here. The license tag on the Oldsmobile is dated 1960. Heck of a way to break in a new set of wheels.

There are quite a few photographs of accident scenes and damaged vehicles in the Loyd Sandgren collection. According to conversations I had with Loyd, one of the jobs he did was take photos for cab companies and insurance companies. In addition to capturing images of the damaged vehicles for his clients, he inadvertently captured images of Jacksonville buildings, businesses, and activity on the street that froze places and events that have long ago passed into history.


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  1. 1 Cool R Us March 28th, 2023 10:16H

    Any new photos? I see you haven’t posted since 2020. They’re magnificent photos of old Jacksonville. I hope you’re well.

    • 2 bob March 28th, 2023 15:36H

      Thank you for your concern. I am well but I have been a bit overwhelmed with work, life, and other priorities the last couple of years so updating Vintage Jacksonville has been put on the back burner for now. I continue to monitor and respond to the comments, and there is still much more of Loyd Sandgren’s work to share but for now, the site is going to remain dormant until I have time to throw myself back into the collection. Sincerely, Bob Self/Vintage Jacksonville

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