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Looking at the corner of Bay Street (to the right) and Liberty Street (to the left) with fencing up prior to the demolition of this block of buildings to make way for the current Police Memorial Building which was conceived in 1967 when Jacksonville Mayor Lou Ritter called for an architect’s competition to design a new Police Headquarters Building..  The corner building was part of the New York Laundry complex.  The building to the left is the original building with a sign on the facade saying Established 1883.  At the end of the building on Bay Street are three bail bond businesses, American Dixie, Bill Arflin and Crews Bail Bonds capped off by Dean’s Bar on the corner. The old Duval County Jail had been across Bay Street from this location.

Below is another view of the New York Laundry building from the intersection of Forsyth Street and Liberty Street  As some things changed downtown one constant still remains.  The demolition was being handled by Burkhalter Wrecking, Inc., still very much in business today.

These images were scanned from contact prints made from 8 inch by 10 inch negatives shot by Loyd Sandgren.

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  1. 1 Dave Engdahl May 24th, 2011 21:22H

    Police Memorial building was constructed in 1973-74.

  2. 2 Bob / Vintage Jacksonville May 25th, 2011 9:46H

    Thanks Dave, I did a little more research and found a JSO Annual Report dated Aug 15, 1977 and signed by then Sheriff Dale Carson which added some additional details to the time line of the building.

    “After 10 years of planning The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office relocated from three remote locations into the Police Memorial Building at the corner of Bay and Liberty Streets. The publicly financed building was approved by voters in a 1972 Bond referendum. Construction began on February 18, 1974.”

  3. 3 Richard Bowers November 27th, 2012 9:06H

    There were three elements in that bond issue, the new police building, downtown development and recreation. Only the polic building passed. At first the police did not like it, and a white elephant was left, one night, outside the main door. In addition, the roof leaked!
    The building was designed by Bill Morgan and I dont think it was designed until the early 70s, even though Mayor Ritter may have seen the need.

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