Jacksonville’s Speed Racer

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“This photo is of Peter Gregg, auto racer of Jacksonville.  He had just started his dealership on Philips Highway and was being interviewed on radio.” LS

Legendary Jacksonville race car driver Peter Gregg (third from right) became the owner of Brumos Porsche after purchasing the dealership in 1965 following previous owner Hubert Brundage’s death in a motorcycle crash.  In 1968 Gregg acquired the Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville dealership which was renamed Peter H Gregg, Inc. and later changed to Gregg Motorcars.

(Thanks to Patti Tantillo with Brumos Racing for providing a succinct timeline of Brumos’ history in Jacksonville.)

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  1. 1 Herb Gold April 5th, 2011 13:24H

    Gregg raced at Daytona and Sebring and appeared on Walt Dunbar’s sports programs on Ch-12 many times.

  2. 2 Bob / Vintage Jacksonville April 5th, 2011 18:15H

    I have to admit that I was a huge Peter Gregg fan in the late 70’s. I used to go to Sebring with a medical team credential since my dad worked as one of the doctors at the race. I started shooting photos then just for fun. He was an amazing driver.

  3. 3 Duncan Johnson February 4th, 2013 17:00H

    Was it Brundage who was killed when he hit a bear at high speed on coastal US98 south of Tallahassee?

  4. 4 bob February 4th, 2013 20:40H

    According to one article I found Herbert Brundage died November 9, 1964 as the result of a motorcycle accident near his property in Mandarin, Florida. No mention of any bears being involved.

  5. 5 Robert Manley April 10th, 2013 2:25H

    I remember being shocked at the news of Peter’s suicide in 1980. Sad end to an adventurous life.

  6. 6 Herb Gold November 25th, 2014 15:03H

    3rd from left is Harold Baker, News Director of WFGA-TV, CH-12 (now WTLV). Cameraman is Clyde Montgomery, CH-12 news reporter.

  7. 7 Mike Austell May 17th, 2015 17:44H

    I was brand new to Jax as a Navy photographer in 1966. Peter had just bought Brumos on north Main. When he wasn’t racing, he was there. It was a pretty small place. I got to know a couple of his race mechanics pretty well since I was a Porsche owner.
    I met Peter a few times and I thought he had everything: good looking, young, wealthy, beautiful wife.
    Sadly, that was not enough for him. Tragic story.

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