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Anyone want to take a guess as to the current cumulative value of the cars in this photo?  This lineup of late 50’s-early 60’s Porsche offerings was photographed at the Brumos dealership located at 1444 North Main Street in the early 1960’s.  In the building’s window the Volkswagen logo is identified with Brundage Motors Inc. and the Porsche logo as Brumos Porsche Car Corporation. The cars (left to right) are a 1958 356 Cabriolet and a 1961 356.  The third car from the left is identified as a 1961 RSK.  It looks a lot like the car the dealership was racing at the time, minus the stickers. My sources think the next car is a 550 (think James Dean) and the last two are 1960 356’s.  A big thanks to members of the Brumos racing team for their help nailing down the details of the dealership and the car models in the photo.  Below is the group shot of the owners and employees taken during the same photo shoot.

I was puzzled by the street address in the window of the dealership which is #30 and did not match the address I was given for the Main Street location.  I drove around the property and discovered the answer.  The facade of the business in the photo is located at 30 West 5th. Street and is still there 50 years later with the original gold leaf number 30 still in the window.

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  1. 1 Jeanine P August 23rd, 2011 14:03H

    I just love looking at these old photos ! I really thought at first that this was the old Studebaker dealership in the 300 block of Park Street in Brooklyn/Riverside that was owned by Marshall Catlin until he died just a few months ago.

    Any Chance you have any of Brooklyn area from the era ?

    Jeanine Peterson

    • 2 Bob / Vintage Jacksonville August 23rd, 2011 18:10H

      I don’t think I’ve seen anything in the collection from Brooklyn.

  2. 3 Doug Nall October 30th, 2011 1:18H

    Bob–you have any pics. from old Houston St. houses?= there were some beauties there.. ( I mean houses.)

  3. 4 J.R.L. April 30th, 2012 22:31H

    Thats funny…not many people remember the old Houston St houses and most people still don’t know Houston st is even there….my office is and has been on Houston St for 60 years. We used to dig in some of the empty lots and dig up all kind of near treasures that got bulldozed and buried along with the houses.

  4. 5 Ryan November 17th, 2012 15:27H

    Love old Porsches, and especially love seeing them in period pics here in Jax?

  5. 6 Mike Austell May 16th, 2015 9:24H

    This must have been just before the Peter Gregg era at Brumos. I came to Jax as a Navy photographer in late 1966. I had a 65 Porsche and I got to know the folks here at Brumos very well. Particularly, Franz Lerch and Hubert Kinzler who were fresh off the boat from Germany. They went on a few years later to open Franz Foreign Car Service on Arlington Expressway. They were great guys. I remember once when they were still at Brumos they rescued me on the side of the road near NAS Jax. How many people would do that today?

    We used to hold “gymkhanas” in the parking lot on weekends. Although it was more of a car show for the fans in the area to participate in.

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