Accident Scene

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“Picture taken at Lovegrove (now called University Blvd.) and Philips highway.  I was called by the insurance company to take pictures of the wreck.  This picture was taken moments before the man died.  About 1947.” LS

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  1. 1 blake February 1st, 2012 9:48H

    the note he left tells of a pretty morbid scene. there is a wreck, the insurance company is called, they call lloyd, he goes to the crashsite. all the while this guy sits in this mangled car before dying. wow.

    without the note, the pic is worth a thousand words alone but with it?……….unbelievable how telling it is.

  2. 2 Don Webb January 17th, 2015 21:48H

    This is sad. Any idea of who the poor soul was? Hopefully someone had called an ambulance before he had died.

  3. 3 Robert Taft February 20th, 2016 8:02H

    This is unbelievable! I wonder if the men would have been standing around with there hands in pockets if it was there loved one in this wreck? The man may have survived had the ambulance been called first.

  4. 4 lawmn1717 April 20th, 2016 14:13H

    This struck me terribly. I didn’t expect for this man to be quite conscious and sitting there, while some men stood around with hands in their pockets. I don’t understand why no one was at least trying to get him out of there!

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