Big Skis

March 27th, 2012, 10:35H · Topics: Guys, Sports · Print

Great haircut, snazzy striped swim trunks and massive water skis!  Beyond the obvious Loyd Sandgren did not leave me much to work with for background information on his photograph so I contacted Carole Lowe, the director of the American Water Ski Educational Foundation at the Water Ski Hall of Fame and Museum in Polk City, FL and she did a little research for me on the water skis in the photo.  Lowe said the SKImmer water ski was a recreation ski from the 1950’s.  She credits the sale of skis like these in hardware stores, boat stores and the big catalog stores like Sears and Montgomery Ward with helping to grow the sport.  She then came up with an ad from an early edition of Water Skier magazine from 1952 advertising SKImmer water skis.  Major thanks to Carole and the Water Ski Hall of Fame and Museum for their help!

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