It’s A Parade

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A military band makes it’s way down the 400 Block of West Forsyth Street crossing the intersection of Pearl Street. Looking at the cars I would guess this is the mid to late 1940’s. The view is to the West where you can see a nice selection of restaurants on the street, Comptons’s, Carroll’s Chile Parlor, the Hollywood Grill.  The Airlines Service Inc. building provided limousine services for passengers using the airlines at Imeson Airport.

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  1. 1 Raymond H. King, Jr. February 4th, 2013 12:48H

    I am guessing, but that marching band and those following may have been from the Bolles School. If so, the gentleman marching to the left of the tuba would have been Orville M. Snyder, band director and head of the Music Dept.. At that time Bolles was an all -boys, military prep school.
    Regarding the Burbridge sign in the lower right corner – the Clinton Burbridge family resided in San Marco.

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