IBM Proof Machines, 1950’s

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There is no information with this photo but the little sign in the upper right corner led me to what looks like the IBM 803 Proof Machine.  According to information from a site with information on vintage IBM equipment this was used to “sort, list, prove and endorse checks, sales tickets, vouchers and other business documents in a single operation. Containing 32 sorting receptacles, the 803 had a number of compartment adding tapes.  A control tape recorded all transactions in the original sequence, with sub and final totals of distributions.  The ten-key electrified adding machine keyboard simplified the 803’s operation.  The machine also had signal lights to indicate the near depletion of the tape supply and other operating conditions.”  The IBM 803 became available in 1949.  If for some reason you need even more information you can find it here.  If you know where this photograph was taken or the identities of any of the young ladies working with these technological wonders, please share that information with us.

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  1. 1 Daryl Bunn September 11th, 2012 15:24H

    1974… While in the Navy roomed with a friend that worked at the card computers for Gate by himself late into the night. Would go with him to keep him company. This room sure looks like that room, it was just off Casset Ave.

  2. 2 Ruth Rossi February 21st, 2014 17:05H

    I worked at a bank in Mason City, IA in the 1950’s and ran the IBM proof machine. I think it was my favorite of all the machines I ran in the different jobs I had during my working years. also ran one made by NCR company.

  3. 3 Lois Loumis November 28th, 2015 13:14H

    I ran one of these machine in banks in Chicago and Miami from 1957 to 1965. I loved doing it.

  4. 4 M. Sullivan September 8th, 2016 20:49H

    I believe this photo was taken in the check processing area of the Jacksonville Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. At the time the photo was taken the Jacksonville Branch was located at 515 Julia Street. In 1988 the Branch moved into its new building at 800 Water Street. The Julia Street building is currently being used by the city of Jacksonville as a Fire and Rescue command center. I started working in the check processing area of the Jacksonville Branch in the early 70s and the 803s were still being used at that time to process checks that rejected from high speed check processing machines.

  5. 5 jean louis ladouceur December 5th, 2018 12:20H

    J’AI TRAVAILLE SUR CES MACINES en 1960 a la bnc(banque)durnat plusieurs annees au centre de compensation

    I WORKED ON THESE MACHINES in 1960 at the bnc (bank) durnat several years at the clearing center

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