Navy Ship At Mayport, 1944

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“Here is tow ships that were at our base.  This was in 1944 and they were about as big as we could handle at the time.”  LS

Another early photo from U.S. Naval Frontier Base, Mayport, Florida.  I could not track down any solid information about this particular ship but if any Navy Ship experts out there can add more specific details, they would be welcomed.

Update:  Larry Lyons came through with this link which fills in a little more information about the ship.

Additional Update:  Don Smith also added some additional insight about this particular ship which was build here in Jacksonville.  See his comments and link below.

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  1. 1 Don Smith April 11th, 2013 15:59H

    I was able to discover through a bit of digging that PC-1184 (Sub Chaser) was actually contracted and built here in Jacksonville at Gibbs Gas Engine Company. Gibbs was instrumental in providing the U.S. Navy with many ships during both WWI and WWII. PC-1184 was delivered to the Navy on 24 January, 1944. Info an this and other transactions between the U.S. Navy and Gibbs can be found at the following link:

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