Florida Marina Aerial, 1950’s

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An aerial view of the Huckins Yacht Corp. on the Ortega River and Roosevelt Blvd.  Some of the finest Yachts in the world are built there.  They built crash boats and P.T. boats during World War Two.  After some of the big storms in the East, The Huckins would be the only yachts afloat.”  LS

1950’s view of the Florida Marina, home of Huckins Yacht Corporation.  Roosevelt Blvd. runs past the marina and the sparsely developed land on both sides of the road is quite the contrast to the way it looks today.


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  1. 1 Charlie Hillyer December 3rd, 2018 20:01H

    The first Burger king Restaurant was built on the southeast corner of Lakeshore on the opposite side of the road from Huckins. The concrete tripod from the old sawmill is seen in the open field in the top right corner. We climbed all over that place in the mid-late ’50’s.

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