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“This shows the way lots of pictures were taken in the 40’s. This place was on West Beaver Street.  In those days the workers would stop work and pose for the photographer.  As you can see they didn’t clean up the place either, it was a mess.”  LS

I’ve done some research and talked with the existing feed stores on Beaver Street and have not been able to come up with the exact location of this business.  It looks like there was a rail line that crossed Beaver Street coming in on the lower left of the frame but nothing today seems to correspond with this photograph.  Anyone out there with knowledge of this business or know anything about C.E. Gordon?

Update:  Jaeme Haviland contacted me with additional information that about the business.  “I worked here for several months during the 1970’s.  It hadn’t changed much from this photo. The building would have been just a block or two west of I-95, somewhere between Vega Street and North Myrtle on the South side of Beaver. They also had a satellite warehouse located a block or two East of the interstate.  Not sure what street that was on, Houston maybe?”

Thanks, Jaeme.  I always appreciate it when I can get first hand information to fill in the blanks.  I drove past the area and could not find any building that looked like the one in the photograph but there were a lot of newer structures so it has likely been replaced.  Bob Self/Vintage Jacksonville


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  1. 1 Joe Hartsfield November 23rd, 2013 19:38H

    this building used to be Standard Feeds shipping and receiving warehouse , It has partly been torn down and part of the building is still standard feed, I worked there for 10 years . Great picture . 3555 Kings road is the address

    • 2 Joe Hartsfield November 23rd, 2013 19:45H

      The corner of king in Mrytle used to be standard feed but they sold the building to a Dollar store . The building you are speaking of was on the rail spur and the feed came in box cars off loaded through those metal doors and loaded on trucks on the other side . The Gordon person sold it to Bill and Gordon Moore years ago like in the 40s , the new owner rob Davis tore down the front part of that building and used the warehouse part a few years ago for his new store moved from the location where the dollar store was built . Rivers carriage was in the upstairs of that building which is Rivers paint and body or Rivers RV the oldest paint and Body company in Jax that is still in business
      The original owner retired is what the Moores told me

  2. 3 bob November 23rd, 2013 22:27H

    Thanks Joe. I appreciate the contribution. It is a great addition to the post. Bob Self/Vintage Jacksonville

  3. 4 Robert P. King January 1st, 2019 21:31H

    In the early 1950’s Standard Feed had three locations. The main store was on King Road with 6 or 8 employees. One branch was on Norwood Ave. just north of where the Gateway shopping center is now. The other branch was on Florida Avenue near Union Street.
    In about 1948 my father Don King became the manager of the Florida Avenue branch. One manager and one helper. After three years he opened his own feed store 6 blocks away. Soon learned he made a big mistake. Not enough business in the neighborhood for 2 feed stores. Standard Feed made him an offer, close your store and we will rehire you and help you liquidate your inventory, and he took it. A couple years later they asked if he would like to transfer to the Norwood Avenue store and he said yes. Same hours, same pay and 8 miles from home instead of 20. About a year later he left for another job.

    • 5 bob January 1st, 2019 21:50H

      Thank you so much for this information and the personal connection makes it even better. Bob Self/
      Vintage Jacksonville

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