Boat Show By The Lobster House

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“This picture was taken from the Southside of the St Johns River.  You can see the old Lobster House and boat sales office.  About 1958.”  LS

The boat wrapped up next to the Midtown Marina tent advertises ‘1958 First Showing Borum Boats’ and a number of the watercraft with their distinctive tail fins can be seen on the lot.  Also in view in the lower left of the frame with the trunk open is photographer Loyd Sandgren’s 1957 Plymouth convertible which shows up from time to time in his photographs. The Lobster House restaurant was a landmark on Jacksonville’s Southbank from the 40’s until the structure burned in 1962.


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  1. 1 Cheri Glickstein Rhodes December 10th, 2013 13:27H

    The Lobster House was my Grandfather Ducky’s restaurant.

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