Suwannee River Crossing, 1940’s

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According to Loyd Sandgren’s note this bridge crossed the Suwanne River somewhere in Putnam County, FL. but after blowing up the detail I could read the small sign over the big “Way Down Upon The Suwannee River” sign to discover that it was the Hillman Bridge in Madison County along US 90 in the now ghost town of Ellaville, Florida. ┬áThe bridge was built in the the mid 1920’s as part of a federal aid project. Another image in the Florida State Archives is uncredited but was probably also shot by Loyd when he worked for the Department of Commerce after leaving the Navy.



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  1. 1 Robert February 3rd, 2015 13:31H

    I have fond memories of this bridge. We used to cross it on the way to Tallahassee back in the 1960s and stop at the little park on the west end. I always called it the “Tallahassee Bridge” and still do. Anytime I am out that way I still stop there, walk across it and remember the days of way back when.

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