Claude Nolan Cadillac Showroom Building, 1960’s

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“Claude Nolan Inc.  The Distributer of Cadillacs (cars) in Florida.  They sold Pontiacs.  This picture was taken on the corner of Main & Orange Streets downtown.  They started in 1905 as a Cadillac dealer and have been one ever since that time.  In 1975, they moved the dealership to 4700 Southside Blvd.”  LS

The original Claude Nolan Cadillac showroom Building was designed by Jacksonville architect Henry John Klutho in 1912 as a brick and glass prairie school style structure with attached garage buildings. It was remodeled beyond recognition in the 1940’s into the pseudo-modern current configuration seen in this mid 1960’s photograph (The window signs announce the arrival date for the 1965 Pontiacs).  Boarded up for a number of years it now faces demolition as part of the efforts to clean up the toxic waste in the Confederate Park and Hogans Creek area from Coal Tar left behind from a gas manufacturing plant dating to the 1880’s.


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  1. 1 Don Webb January 21st, 2015 22:53H

    Were there any Studebaker dealerships in Jacksonville during the 1950s?

  2. 2 Construction Lethbridge July 13th, 2023 7:19H

    The Claude Nolan Cadillac Showroom building from the 1960s holds a special place in architectural history. As an iconic structure of its time, it embodies the sleek and futuristic design aesthetic prevalent during the mid-20th century.

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