Johnson & Johnson Sales Winner Sam Dunlap

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Johnson & Johnson sales award winner Sam Dunlap from the Loyd Sandgren Collection.  Probably shot in the late 50’s or early 60’s.  No information was attached to the print so if anyone has any information about Mr. Dunlap they would like to share I would welcome the addition.

Founded in 1886 the Johnson & Johnson company started with establishing standards for antiseptic wound treatment and went on to create the first commercially available first aid kits.  Their development of hygiene and personnel care products continued to grow with Johnson & Johnson expanding their factory presence to England in the 1920’s.  I communicated with the company’s historian to see if she could provide some additional information about this photograph and this was the reply.  “While Johnson & Johnson currently does have a modern operating company in Jacksonville (Vistakon) the photo you have was taken long before that operating company existed.  During the era of the photo, The Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies had a sales force across the United States, but we don’t have any information regarding specific sales offices or employees in Jacksonville that the company may have had during that era.”


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