San Marco Theatre, Perhaps

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“Here is a photo taken in front of the San Marco Theatre in the San Marco Shopping Center.  The manager was standing out in front. About 1947.”  LS

The movie Son of God’s Country staring singing cowboy Monte Hale released in 1948.  I compared the photograph with the exterior as it looks today and where there were many similarities, there were also some differences so I shared the photo with David Blue, the current owner of the San Marco Theatre and he generously shared his thoughts.

“I have spent a lot of time looking at this picture and I don’t think it is actually the San Marco. I have seen pictures of the theater when it first opened in 1938 and in those photos the door pattern is consistent with the way they look today (which is different in your photo). Also, the tile work on the side panels is not representative of past pictures, nor what exists now, which is a sculpted concrete. It is strikingly similar, but I don’t think it is the San Marco. I of course could be wrong.”


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  1. 1 Pat (Jennings) Thalacker May 3rd, 2015 19:17H

    try Center Theater – there was a restaurant next door that had cheese cake to die for

  2. 2 connie October 23rd, 2015 13:47H

    This is definitely not the San Marco theater. Although the doors are similar, there are too many differences and it definitely just doesn’t “look” like it.

  3. 3 Nancy Brown December 9th, 2015 17:31H

    This could be Murray Hill theater on S Edgewood,
    it opened in 1949 and has had a few changes over the years.

  4. 4 Norm November 10th, 2017 22:40H

    I also immediately thought Murray Hill.

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