From High Atop The Main Street Bridge, 1951

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“A scene taken from the Main Street Bridge when it was up.  The tall building on the left side is the Lynch Building. The building on the right with the water tower is the Florida Theatre.  About the middle of the picture was the City Hall. The street on the left is Main Street. 1951.” LS

Great view of downtown Jacksonville East of Main Street. Everything from the Florida Hardware Co. building to the bottom of the frame has since been torn down as the waterfront area was bulkheaded, filled and redeveloped. Behind the Florida Hardware Co. building is the back of the Dyal-Upchurch building, it and the small building attached to it are still standing although many of the buildings in this image no longer exist. Main Street still had two way traffic when this image was taken. A similar view of the buildings to the West of Main Street can be found here.


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