The Barnett National Bank Building, 1949

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“Here is a unusual view of the Barnett Bank Building taken in 1949. Note my old 1939 Mercury Convertible car in front of bank. Adams Street side.”  LS

The Barnett National Bank Building on 112 West Adams Street was constructed in 1926 for a cost of $1,500,000 and for almost thirty years the 18 story tall building was the tallest building in Jacksonville. When Barnett built the 42 story Barnett Center (now known as the Bank of America Financial Center) in 1993 they moved their operations into the new building and the 1926 building building found a new owner. Renovations were begun but halted after much of the building was gutted. The building sat vacant for over a decade until it changed hands again and new plans were made to renovate the building which is on the National Register of Historic Places. After a series of plans, announcements and financing problems the building still stands empty, awaiting its next incarnation.


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