Golden Gloves Boxing Match in the old Armory

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“In 1948 I took all the sports pictures for The Jacksonville Journal, the afternoon paper. This was taken in the old Armory on the corner of State and Market Streets. Three speed lights were used, one at the camera, one at each corner of the two sides, the stronger light was at the corner on my left. I think the man on the right is holding the other man’s head. The man on the left won.” LS

This information is from two different prints of the same image with two slightly varying captions written by photographer Loyd Sandgen. There was a conflict in the location but by looking at the background, this is definitely the old Armory Building which is still standing on the edge of downtown Jacksonville. In the 1940’s and 1950’s there was boxing held at both the Armory and the old Main Street Gym.


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  1. 1 Kim Quinn May 2nd, 2021 19:02H

    I am hoping you can help me, my husband James Quinn won the Golden Gloves in Jacksonville fl in 1947, he was in the navy when he won, I cannot find anything on line regarding this. Is there any way you can help? He says he fought a man named O’Brian

  2. 2 bob June 6th, 2021 17:28H

    I’m afraid I have no way to track down that information. With any luck, there may be a Vintage Jacksonville follower with that information. Bob Self/Vintage Jacksonville

  3. 3 Stacey Michell November 23rd, 2022 19:18H

    I have a picture of a boxing match around the 1980s with what seems to be a picture of Tom McMahon and what appears to be also is Muhammad Ali asking my mom about this she said it was Ali techie. If I can get some kind of verification or authentication on this picture that would be great if you can give me an email I can send over the picture and also I have a trinket box with two gloves and a speed bag that The Boxers give to my mom I was actually in the audience and my dad was in the ring refereeing!
    Thanks in advance
    Stacey Michell

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