A Dozen 1955 Cadillacs and a DC-2

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“Guy Marvin owned most of the cabs in town and also this fleet of 1955 Cadillacs. The cars were great to ride in and they were big. They are seen here at the Imeson Airport parked close to the DC-2 Airplane. That was class. I think the price was three dollars, it did go up to five.”  LS

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  1. 1 Joe Falen March 19th, 2023 23:33H

    This is actually a DC-3, not a DC-2. Great picture!

    • 2 bob March 20th, 2023 15:18H

      Joe, I went with the text that photographer Loyd Sandgren had attached to the original print. It is very likely that you are correct as the DC-2 had more flattened sides on the fuselage which were later rounded out in the DC-3 to create more interior space and accommodate passengers more comfortably. Bob Self/Vintage Jacksonville

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