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One of the wonderful things about Loyd and his collection of photographs are the notes he attached to his images. He pecked them out on a typewriter, cut them out and often taped them directly on the prints. These are usually not captions in the traditional sense but often the story behind the story.   The following is a great example.

“This is a photo of Mr. Whatley of Stockton Whatley Davin Real Estate Co. accepting a model of the aircraft that they had just bought.  The salesman’s name I don’t remember.  I took many trips on this plane.  The funniest one was, we went to Miami in the 50’s and I had a black beard at the time.  Mr. Whatley suggested that I go out first.  I did and the crowds cheered and screamed.  I got back in the plane and said, there must be some celebrity around the way they are cheering.  They said lets go in, and the police had to hold back the crowds (they thought I was CASTRO).  We finally got to the limo and drove off.  We got to the DuPont Hotel and they put out the red carpet for me.  We went to the dining room and I got all the attention.  The others in our party were all millionaires and they were enjoying the whole thing.  1956.” LS

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  1. 1 ed mueller February 15th, 2012 15:21H

    Mr. Self,

    A fine work, Mr. Sandgren surely took good photos and I thank you for saving them.

    The very best,

    Ed Mueller

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