Mayport Naval Station Baseball 1943

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According to Loyd’s notes this was shot on Sanders Field at Mayport Naval Station in 1943 during the time he was stationed there as a Navy photographer.  The fielding team has Gibbs on their jersey. I can’t read the base runners.

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  1. 1 Owen Ganzel August 20th, 2012 0:41H

    The “Gibbs” was the team from “the Gibbs Shipyard”. My father , a Gibbs employee, was the manager. They were in a local semipro league in Jacksonville. During the war, it was difficult to beat the Navy teams as they were all professional baseball players drafted into the Navy. My father, a former professional baseball player and high minor league manager went to work for Gibbs after WW2 began. We moved to Jacksoville from Sarasota as Dad had a contract to manage the Jacksonville “Tars” of the old South Atlantic League. WW2 shut down most of the minor leagues and Dad was without a Job. He is on the bench when this picture was taken and probably was admiring the ability of the Navy lads.

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