McLanahan Amoco

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“Here is the famous McLanahan Amoco Service Station on the corner of Beaver and Main Streets.  At that time (in the 50’s) US 17, US 1 and 90 crossed that section.  They sold 50,000 gallons of gas a month there.  It was open 24 hours a day and gave great service.” LS

The painted window sign reads ‘Engine Tune Up Points, Condenser & Plugs $12.95.’

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  1. 1 Don Webb January 22nd, 2015 19:10H

    Today’s service stations – if you can call them such – are the Auto Tire Centers of Wal-Mart – will hardly change a taillight bulb for $12.50. Inflation is the downfall of our republic. How many more decades of greed will it take before we go under?

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