Yo-Yo Man

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According to Cynthia Liu, a California filmmaker who is working on a documentary film about Filipino American Yo-Yo demonstrators and their role in popularizing the Yo-Yo as a toy, at the height of the Yo-Yo craze there were anywhere from 70 to 90 of them traveling around the country for various manufacturers.  They hosted contests and gave demonstrations and as a result, drove customers to buy more of the toys when they saw their friends playing with them.

This photo was shot at the Kress store in downtown Jacksonville. A detail of the sign promoting the upcoming contest can be seen below.

Unfortunately it appears that the Famous Filipino Yo-Yo Champion did not rate having his name in the promotions…

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  1. 1 Raymond H. King,Jr. August 8th, 2012 3:58H

    I remember a “Loop the Loop” yoyo contest held on the stage of a movie theater in around 1948 (the date on the poster).

  2. 2 James Wood August 8th, 2012 15:45H

    I remember those promotions very well in the 1946 to 48 period. I remember one in particular at a drugstore accross from John Gorrie Jr. High. Most kids bought them.

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