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Photo Mural at WMBR Radio
“I made this photo mural for the WMBR radio station on South Main Street. in 1948.  The print was mounted on 4”x8” plywood and put up at the station.  The two side Murals were also mounted on 4”x8” plywood.  It was a real job.” LS

When I first came to town in the mid 1980’s I remember seeing this in Burkhalter Wrecking company’s store that used to be located in the old Philips Mall and thought it was kind of cool then.  I hope it found a home somewhere…

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  1. 1 Paige Glover April 30th, 2011 20:14H

    This is a lovely b&w. Crisp, with perfect balance (in my opinion).

  2. 2 Shawn Gallagher June 11th, 2011 13:00H

    I bet PLYWOOD was some kind of “new fangled thing” back then.

  3. 3 Don Webb January 22nd, 2015 19:20H

    Was this wall mural painted on, or was it a series of photos placed on the plywood? At any rate, who ever did it, did a great job.

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