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Workers on the bottling line of the Jax Brewing Company production plant that was located on West 16th. Street in Jacksonville’s Durkeeville neighborhood.  Jax Brewing Company was a local brewery that started production of Jax Beer in Jacksonville in 1913, refocused production to ice and near beer during prohibition and then restarted beer production in 1933 with the end of prohibition.  During peak production 200,000 barrels of Jax Beer were produced at their Jacksonville facility and distributed around the South Eastern states.  In 1956 the company sold the Jax Beer copyright to New Orleans based Jackson Brewing Company (named after Jackson Square which was named in honor of Andrew Jackson who Jacksonville was named after) which continued to produce a product called Jax Beer.  Then the Jackson Brewery name changed hands in the mid 1970’s when the brewery closed and the Jax Beer formula and name was acquired by Texas based Pearl Brewing Company.  Only the Jax Brewing Company building remains as the legacy to Jax Beer in Jacksonville.

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  1. 1 blake November 2nd, 2011 15:14H

    sweet! wonder how good jax beer is? i would like to think its awesome =-)

  2. 2 Neese Ostner Goodling August 8th, 2012 6:30H

    William Ostner, president of Jax Brewing Co., and Bill Ostner, Engineer, admiring the bottle line up…Was a great brewery, and even tastier beer!

  3. 3 Bob / Vintage Jacksonville August 8th, 2012 19:52H

    Great addition to the post. What is your connection that you recognized the gentlemen in the photo?

    • 4 anonymous August 14th, 2012 10:44H

      Neese Ostner Goodling is a grandaughter of Wm. Ostner and a niece of Bill Ostner. Her father, Jacob Ostner, was Vice President of Jax Brewing Co. and her other uncle, Charlie Ostner, lived out of state.

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