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“In 1947, I used the first portable Wabash speedlight, this proved to the bowlers that the light could stop the action of a strike.  They said we will have to be in the picture before we believe it and this was the result.  Note, light was not on the camera.” LS

An excerpt from a 1946 Popular Photography review of the new flash developed by Wabash Company’s Sylvania Electric Products division, “Wabash Corporation is announcing a new repeating flashbulb that can be used for several thousand individual flashes.  The new build provides a light output of 12,000,000 peak lumens in an instantaneous flash the equivalent of 1/5000 second.  The unit can be operated by remote control at the camera or by synchronization with any camera shutter.  Retail price of the AC Portable will be $160 complete.”

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