Florida Air National Guard Jet With Bathing Beauty in High Heels

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You can’t go wrong with fast jets and pretty girls in bathing suites (or is that fast cars?) but this late 1950’s image of a bathing beauty and a Florida Air National Guard F-80 Shooting Star jet makes a pretty good pairing.  Loyd Sandgren did not leave any notes with this image but Ron Tittle with the public affairs office of the Florida National Guard provided me with this historical context on the jet and it’s role with the Florida Air National Guard in Jacksonville.

“The Florida Air National Guard flew P-51’s at Imeson Airport at Jacksonville in the 40’s.  In 1948, an age when air shows were very popular and when people would come from miles around to watch aircraft perform acrobatic stunts over the local airfield, the Florida Air National Guard established the Florida Rockets, an aerial demonstration team.

When the FL ANG first began performing, members flew P-51 piston-engine fighter planes.  The Rockets put on a great show in Miami during September 1948, the first official Air Force Day following the creation of the Air Force as a separate service.  But it was jet planes everyone wanted to see. Within two months, the squadron and the Rockets had made the transition to their new F-80, jet-powered aircraft.  They began performing air shows around the nation, some with national significance.

Soon after, North Korea invaded South Korea.  America’s Air Force and the Air National Guard, including Florida’s own 159th Fighter Squadron (now the 125th Fighter Wing at Jacksonville IAP) were soon called to federal service.

No doubt the F-80 helped prepare our pilots for their eventual missions for
the Korean War where they would fly the F-84s in combat missions.”

This is another photo from Loyd’s collection of work showing the previously mentioned Florida Air National Guard P-51 Mustang in flight.

“Here is a picture of a plane that I took in the early 50’s.  Major Mabry Edwards was the pilot.  I was in a cargo plane taking these pictures over and above Jacksonville Beach, FL.” LS

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  1. 1 Steve O'Brien December 22nd, 2011 13:05H

    Great shots Bob. I’ve shot air to air like the one of the P-51 and it’s not easy. I really enjoy looking at historical archeived photos. Keep up the good work and let us if we can ever be of any help.

  2. 2 Daryl Bunn December 22nd, 2011 15:16H

    Love it..Thanks for all your work….DB

  3. 3 blake December 27th, 2011 8:37H


    i have really enjoyed checking out your site this year. the historical photos of downtown buildings are a personal favorite, but nothing is more classic than a hot chick. =-)

  4. 4 susan February 23rd, 2020 10:17H

    Mabry is the grandfather of my children they will be excited to see this picture, Thank you

    • 5 bob February 26th, 2020 10:11H

      Susan, I’m so glad that the photograph can connect generations of the family. Thank you! Bob Self/Vintage Jacksonville

  5. 6 Wendi July 31st, 2021 9:18H

    Stumbling upon this picture of my beautiful grandmother took my breath away ❤

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