Hogan and West Bay Streets, 1960

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At the intersection of West Bay Street and Hogan Street.   This is another scene that is long gone from Jacksonville’s downtown.  At the corner is the Greyhound Bar and Package Store with advertising for a dentist’s office on the floor above it.  In the background are the Hotel Aragon and the Hotel George Washington with it’s Christmas Tree looking advertising sign on the roof.  What is particularly fascinating is the copy of the Jacksonville Journal in the rack leaning against the fire hydrant in the foreground of the photograph which allows the image to almost be dated to the exact day it was taken.  The date on the paper can’t be read but the top headline is “President Strozier of FSU Dies”.  FSU’s president Robert Strozier died of a heart attack April 20th, 1960 while in Chicago on a speaking engagement.  The Jacksonville Journal was Jacksonville’s afternoon paper while The Florida Times-Union was the morning paper so it is likely that Strozier’s death was reported on the same day that he died.  The other headline is “Ike May Cancel ROK Visit, New Riots Sweep Country”.  ROK stood for the Republic of Korea, now better known as South Korea and it was in the middle of riots that would force the country’s president to step down and go into exile the same month.

The BB&T Tower now occupies this corner of the intersection and across the street to the right stands the Florida Bank and Bank of America Tower.  The Skyway track runs down West Bay Street from the left and turns up Hogan Street at this intersection.

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  1. 1 Dorothy Fletcher November 29th, 2012 15:54H

    This is so cool! I love “reading” old photos. They say so much more than what the surface tells. After the first glance, one needs to look at the fine details! Thanks for sharing this! Fascinating!

  2. 2 Barbara Anne Coll April 9th, 2013 13:47H

    Do you happen to have any photos of The Floridian Hotel? And how about Jones’s Restaurant on Bay & Laura Streets (I believe)?

  3. 3 bob April 9th, 2013 16:33H

    Barbara, I don’t know of any but I’ll keep my eyes open as I work with the collection. Bob Self/Vintage Jacksonville

  4. 4 Don Webb January 22nd, 2015 17:59H

    While the change box appears to be attached to the newspaper rack, the rack does not appear chained to the fire hydrant. Wonder how last that would last today? It’d be gone before Noon.

  5. 5 Charlie Hillyer February 10th, 2015 23:30H

    Later in 60’s and 70’s was Baileys Camera
    Corner, and Joe Namey’s Amber House
    Restaurant in the same block,…first time
    Tasted grain alcohol , it was in the PJ
    Punch at the Junior Assembly dance at top
    Of GW Hotel…somebody drove is home..
    I lived !

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