The Russian Navy Comes To Mayport, 1944

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“About 1944, we had lots of Russian Sailors picking up the American give away boats.  They loved to go out to sea and drop depth-charges.  Often I would go out with them and take pictures.  In this case I would take the picture and give each sailor a print.  They thought that was so great that they would have a party for me on the boat.  They gave me Vodka that was so strong that when spilled it would take the varnish off the tables. They also gave me caviar and I don’t like that any better than the drinks. One of the interesting things about the sailors was, they always wanted to wrestle with you?  Anyway it was quite an experience.”  LS

This was photographed by Loyd Sandgren at what was then known as U.S. Naval Frontier Base, Mayport, Florida.

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