Chevrolet Parts Warehouse

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“The Chevrolet Parts Division on 11th. and Liberty Streets.  This was in the 40’s & 50’s.”  LS

This Springfield industrial building has had a number of incarnations since it was built in 1929.  Until 1958 this Albert Kahn designed structure served as a Chevrolet Parts warehouse.  It also housed a printing business and later served as a plastics recycling business until purchased in 2011 and beautifully renovated into the offices, cleaning facilities and storage space for Paul Davis Restoration of North Florida, a business that restores homes and businesses after fire or water damage.

Albert Kahn also designed a few more buildings of note in Jacksonville.  The 576-foot long Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant that sits on a pier on the St. Johns River is one of Kahn’s Jacksonville structures.  There are also Four matching seaplane hangers and a Torpedo Workshop and Storage Building at Naval Air Station Jacksonville that Kahn designed for the US Government in the 1940’s.


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