Lake Marco Home

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“The interesting thing about this picture is the man that owned it had to move away and he said to me, “it’s a great house and you should have it.”  I liked it, as it had 4 bedrooms and looked like a house from the North.  My wife didn’t like it that much and the house was very expensive, $13,500 so we let it pass.  It was on San Marco lake.”  LS

The photo is undated but I’m guessing it is from the late 40’s early 50’s.  I drove past it the other day and it looks almost unchanged from this photo except it now has a solid driveway and a bay window replaces the flush windows to the left of the front door.  I would guess it would sell for a little more than what Loyd Sandgren had the option to buy it for if it went on the market today.

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