100 Block of Bay Street, 1950’s

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“This was the 100 block of West Bay St.  On the left was the Mal Haughton & Co.  Then the Mock Furniture Co.  Then Brown’s Camera Store, it started in 1916, then one of the offices of Stockton, Whatley & Davin Co.  The 50’s.”  LS

Loyd Sandgren started working as a photographer for Brown’s Camera store after he left the Navy in the 1940’s.  He also did photography for Stockton, Whatley & Davin, often flying around the state to photograph their real estate ventures.  A parking lot and a small office building now occupies this block of Bay Street.  Here is another post showing the view from in front of Brown’s Camera looking North to the other side of Bay Street.  The Bank of America tower now covers most of this side of the road.

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  1. 1 Chad Gaglioti April 1st, 2024 17:52H

    I was looking up the company because I just found a Mock Furniture Co. yard stick with a five digit phone number. 6-0233. Thought it was a neat to see it. Now I can see the picture too.

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