Muntz TV Sales, 1950’s

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 “This is the Richardson Building on 35 Hogan Street.  The building was the Muntz TV sales and warehouse in the 1950’s.”  LS

Earl William Muntz was a businessman and engineer who made his money selling cars and home electronics.  Muntz simplified televisions by removing as many components as possible from existing models until they no longer worked.  By simplifying the technology as much as he could he was able to drive down their prices and was the first to break the $100.  price barrier for black and white television sets. He later designed his own car called the Muntz Jet, over the top designs with luxury accessories that appealed to celebrity owners.  The car was a money looser for Muntz but the publicity helped his television business until the advent of color television in the mid 1950’s.  At that point the black and white television sales dropped off and Muntz went into bankruptcy.

The building stood on the block of Hogan Street now occupied by the Bank of America tower.  Another view of the building can be seen here. Below is a detail of the showroom windows at street level.


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  1. 1 william hoover October 13th, 2015 18:39H

    is it possibly to get tubes for a muntz tv 1960’s

    • 2 bob October 15th, 2015 13:58H

      I have no idea. I’m sure someone, somewhere has a stash but I would not know where to look.

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