Cross Marketing, Money and Potato Chips

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Lay’s Potato Chips display in the window of the Florida National Bank of Jacksonville.  The sign say’s “Lay’s Potato Chips, Made In Jacksonville.  Always Fresh. Visit Out Plant 2910 West Beaver Street.”

In the 1940’s H.W. Lay & Company was expanding and purchased Barrett Food Company in Jacksonville along with others in the Southeast and by 1956 it was the largest manufacturer of potato chips and snack foods in the United States. This was probably a window in what is now called the Edward Ball Building on 214 North Hogan Street.  It was originally built as the Florida National Bank Building in 1961.


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  1. 1 Mary Oliver August 18th, 2014 20:01H

    I remember going on a field trip in the early 60’s to Lay’s Potato Chip factory, then on to the Pepsi Cola bottling plant.

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