Big Boat, Little Boat

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As described in a number of previous posts photographer Loyd Sandgren had among his commercial clients Huckins Yacht Corporation and Otis C. Borum Boats, Inc., both Jacksonville headquartered boat builders that served very different segments of the boating market.  Huckins had a history of boat building dating back to the late 1920’s and concentrated on the high end, luxury yacht market.  Borum made beautiful wooden recreational boats in the 1950’s, naming them after popular car models of the day. This particular photograph happens to have one of each company’s watercraft featured together, the only image like it that I have found in the Sandgren collection. Finding details about Borum Boats is challenging as the company is no longer in existence but thanks to the fine folks at Huckins which is still building boats at their facility on the Ortega River and have kept meticulous records on every boat they made, they were able to provide me with information about their boat in this photograph. The Jamboree was built for Inman Brandon who owned five Huckins yachts. This one is a Corinthian 56 model and was the fourth Huckins yacht purchased by Brandon. It was ordered in April of 1962 and delivered in November the same year. It is hull number 369 of the Huckins fleet.


Huckins Yacht Corporation provided the above copy of an advertisement featuring the Jamboree which prompted a search which turned up this slightly earlier Borum Boat ad below.



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