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As a photographer I enjoy looking at other photographer’s contact sheets.  It shows the thought process and progression of a photo shoot.  You can still do this with digital but for some reason it is just not the same.

Loyd Sandgren shot quite a bit of professional wrestling in the early 1960’s and this is a contact sheet from one roll of film.  He probably shot this with his medium format Rolleiflex camera.  What puzzles me is since it is a square format camera, why do the images keep switching from vertical to horizontal images?

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  1. 1 Scott Teal September 2nd, 2012 16:02H

    With more detail, I could tell more, but here goes:
    Row 1, l to r: Yukon Eric vs one of the Von Brauners; can’t see enough detail to tell; possibly Reggie Parks
    Row 2, l to r: not enough detail; Gentleman Saul Weingeroff, manager of Kurt and Karl von Brauner; Don Curtis and Yukon Eric
    Row 3, l to r: Yukon Eric vs one of the Von Brauners; Kurt and Karl von Brauner; not sure
    Row 4, l to r: Don Curtis; possibly Reggie Parks; not sure

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