$2.99 None Higher

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Night view of the Paris Hat store window display in Jacksonville, Florida.  The price tags on the hats read $2.99  None Higher.

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  1. 1 Lecy Meuse June 6th, 2014 16:33H

    I have a lot of my grandmother’s hat’s from the Paris Hat Shop, including the card with the stamps showing the dates of purchases going back as far as 1948. So glad I was able to see what the shop looked like where they came from. Thank you for posting the photo.

  2. 2 Lecy Meuse June 6th, 2014 18:26H

    I was so pleased to see this photograph, as I have many of my grandmothers hats that came from this shop. I even have the card they stamped each time you made a purchase. The oldest date is November 10, 1948 Thank You, Lecy Meuse

  3. 3 bob June 6th, 2014 18:54H

    Love hearing stories like this. Thanks for sharing. Bob Self/Vintage Jacksonville

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