Hogan Street View

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“This picture was taken from Bay Street looking North on Hogan Street.  The Seminole Hotel on the right, the Furchgotts, Levy’s, Hemming Park the Cohen’s.  On the left you can see Lenak Studio, the name spelled backwards was Jack Kanel (a great photographer) who made lots of money taking pictures of service men.  The Luggage Shop was on the corner of Hogan and Forsyth.” LS

The Lenak Studio sign is the small oval sign in the background on the left.  Loyd did some photo retouching for Jack Kanel in addition to his own photography work.

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  1. 1 Vernell Padilla May 23rd, 2011 19:06H

    Just so excited to see this. I have a picture of both my mom and dad taken at Lenak. I think they were wedding pics. from the late 40’s early 50’s. Thanks for posting this picture.

  2. 2 Alan Sigle April 21st, 2018 2:46H

    Thank you for such a wonderful website. My mom worked at the Hotel Seminole from the early ’50s until I was born in ’62. When I was around five I went there with her several times to say good bye to her friends and co-workers, as the hotel was going to be closed soon after that. I remember the head bellman, his name was Pat, was so nice to me. He even gave me a vintage silver dollar, from his tips, that I still have today. I also have an old Jax phone book from the hotel that’s nicely bound in a hard cover with “The Lamp Post” insignia on it. I believe this was the hotel’s lounge? Even up until the late 70s, we had “Hotel Seminole” branded bath mats in our bathroom at home! Funny, I kinda wish I still had one.

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