Portrait Of Loyd Sandgren, Tallahassee, FL 1946

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This is one of my favorite photos of Loyd taken after he got out of the Navy in Jacksonville.  He went to work for the Florida State Advertising Commission in Tallahassee, FL for about a year before returning to Jacksonville where he stayed the rest of his life.

“A photo of Loyd Sandgren in Tallahassee, FL in 1946, by Morris Monts de Oca, a photographer for the Florida State Advertising Commission. The man in the house next door was very friendly and he said to me one day, ‘before the war I bought the paint and brushes to paint this house, but the war came along and no one would paint it for me.’  Then he said ‘The house looked so bad that I decided to have it painted, then the second World War broke out, so I guess I’ll wait a while before painting it.'” LS

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