In The Stands At The Gator Bowl, 1952

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A view of the end zone at the 7th. Annual Gator Bowl game held in 1952 between the University of Miami and Clemson.  With 34,577 fans in attendance Miami shut out Clemson 14 to 0.

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  1. 1 James Wood August 8th, 2012 20:40H

    In the early Gator Bowl Days, at least through 1951, and probably later, local Jacksonville high school bands performed at half time. The colleges did not send their bands. As a member of R.E. Lee High School Band, we had the pleasure to perform on Jan 1, 1951.

  2. 2 patricia fullwood March 14th, 2016 15:13H

    i have a clipping of the 1952 gator bowl mmiamdefeats clemson 14 to 0

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