Prudential And Baptist Buildings Going Up

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“The Baptist Hospital & The Prudential Buildings being built.  You can see downtown Jacksonville in the background.”  LS

Both the Baptist Hospital and The Prudential Insurance buildings opened in 1955 so this photograph would have been taken a year or so prior.

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  1. 1 Bill Holmes July 2nd, 2012 12:45H

    This is more like 1952 or 53. The big Prudential move was in 1953 and the building was still under construction. The Pru used scattered office space downtown until the building was finished. Dad was one of the original transfers from the home office in Newark, NJ. We moved to Jax in August of 1953.

  2. 2 Bob / Vintage Jacksonville July 3rd, 2012 10:59H

    Bill, Thanks for the additional insight! Loyd added the notes to some of his photographs later in his life and drawing from my own experience, past memories are not always the most accurate. That is why I appreciate the Vintage Jacksonville audience adding their own knowledge of the specifics of the events recorded in Loyd Sandgren’s photographs. Bob Self/Vintage Jacksonville

  3. 3 Barbara Ivose February 5th, 2013 20:50H

    In June, 2013 it will be 60 years since 250 local students went by train to Newark New Jersey for three months of intensive training. All expenses were paid!!!
    In September, 1953, the 250 students arrived back in Jacksonville, along with many employees and their families from Newark who settled in Jacksonville.
    These were exciting times for Prudential as well as Jacksonville. All employees were housed in various buildings until the first Prudential building was completed in 1955. The building was 22 stories and was the tallest building in the state of Fla. In my estimations, Prudential made Jacksonville!

  4. 4 Muriel Getty Greuter March 20th, 2013 20:00H

    Dad was working here in 1954 when the building was completed. Before that he worked on Adams Street, ,temp. bldg. Our faimily and many others came to Jacksonville in August-September 1953 from New Jersey, (Newark Home Office)

  5. 5 tiffany September 25th, 2013 10:56H

    Baptist Hospital has been opened since 1955.

  6. 6 bob September 25th, 2013 12:35H

    Tiffany, I you have a chance, read the comments by others and myself concerning the dates mentioned by the photographer in the original post. You should find that they clear the date issue up. If you are new to Vintage Jacksonville, the information in quotes come from notes left behind by photographer Loyd Sandgren and were often written decades after the photographs were taken. When I am able, I try to clarify discrepancies and always welcome others with information to add to the posts. Bob Self/Vintage Jacksonville

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