21 Feb 2013

Baptist Hospital Nearing Completion


“Another view of the Baptist Hospital with the new Prudential Insurance Company in the background.  This was in 1948, lots of changes since then.”  LS It is likely that the date of this photograph is in the 1950’s rather than the late 1940’s.  Please check out the additional comments. Here is a little earlier version […]

25 Oct 2012

Broken Wrestler


“Eddie Graham in Baptist Hospital after getting injured in the ring.”  LS Who said professional wrestling wasn’t real?

25 Jun 2012

Prudential And Baptist Buildings Going Up


“The Baptist Hospital & The Prudential Buildings being built.  You can see downtown Jacksonville in the background.”  LS Both the Baptist Hospital and The Prudential Insurance buildings opened in 1955 so this photograph would have been taken a year or so prior.

17 Dec 2010

Baptist Hospital, 1950’s

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The shiny new Baptist Hospital building shortly after opening in the early 1950’s.  Only a portion of this original structure still remains as the complex grows, and that wing is scheduled to be torn down in the not too distant future.


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