Eastman Kodak Stores, Inc.

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“This is the Eastman Kodak Store before the government forced them to close, because you can’t manufacture, wholesale and retail.  This was on Adams St. Between Laura & Hogan Streets.  1954.”  LS

The building still stands but it would be easy to miss just driving past it since most of the character has been erased with a flat surface covering the facade where the upper floor windows used to be.  The Eastman Kodak Stores, Inc. storefront at 129 West Adams Street and the Lahn’s dress store next door have been combined into one storefront called Scottie Stores.  If you look up to the roofline, the crest with the EKS initials (Eastman Kodak Stores) is the only remaining trace of the building’s origins.

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  1. 1 Daryl Bunn January 29th, 2013 17:18H

    On Adams…I’ll have to look it up, see who own’es it & see if the facade is still under the “inprovement” usually it is. Need a project, do you have the exact address? DB

  2. 2 bob January 29th, 2013 20:06H

    It is 129 West Adams Street. Let me know what you find out.

  3. 3 Kyle December 6th, 2013 22:04H

    In December 2013 the building is listed as belonging to the Nicholas Corporation, c/o Charles A. Sears of 2011 Gibson Road, 32207. The COJ lists its value as approximately $210,000 with taxes of about $3800 per year. Building value: $112,000 / Land:$88,600.
    The operators and directors of the Nicholas Corporation, according to the State records, are Alfred U. Pavlis, noted as a, “White Collar Litigation Attorney” (in his early 50s) of 494 Redding Road in Fairfield, Connecticut, and his older brother, Paul A. Pavlis, of 3432 Glorietta Place in Sherman Oaks, CA.
    Interestingly, the State also lists, “129 West Adams, LLC” at the 2011 Gibson Road Address, under Mr. Sears.
    In the Duval County Court records, the 2011 Gibson Road property was sold in April 2006 for by “Burr Investments, Inc., a Florida Corporation” for $205K to “Banks Books, Inc., a Florida Corporation,” which is a woman named Colleen Banks, of 650 Mickler Road, Jacksonville, FL 32211.

    (On other directories, “Banks Books is located at the address PO Box 10235 in Jacksonville, Florida 32247.They can be contacted via phone at (904) 399-1809 for hours and directions. For more information contact Colleen Banks, PRESIDENT.”)

    Hope that helps,or at least gets you in the direction you were hoping to go…

  4. 4 Harold June 6th, 2022 12:28H

    Wasn’t Leibo’s Big & Tall Mens Shop there too before Scotties Store?

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