West Bay Street Wide Angle

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“This is an extreme wide angle camera, 110 degrees.  Picture taken in front of Brown’s Camera Store, 118 West Bay St.  The Seminole Hotel, middle top.  About 1958.”  LS

I don’t know exactly what camera Loyd Sandgren used for this shot.  I’ve seen the negatives and it was shot on 120 mm roll film.  My guess is that Brown’s Camera had the camera in their shop and he took it out to play with and shot a couple of rolls of film with it.  This format image only shows up once in his collection of work.  Great looking car!

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  1. 1 Pat Melton Ermi April 9th, 2013 17:43H

    1958 – that could have been my dad’s car. He had one just like it.

    • 2 John Reynolds May 22nd, 2013 20:53H

      I believe this is either a 55 or 56 model Buick!

  2. 3 Barbara Anne Coll October 2nd, 2016 0:38H

    Are there any photos of the Floridian Hotel? My Mother use to get her hair done in the Floridian Beauty Shop. As I remember, it was at the corner of Main & Laura Streets. Allie Simmons was the one in charge of it.

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