McLanahan Amoco Daytime View

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Another photo from the Loyd Sandgren Collection of the McLanahan Amoco Service station located at Main Street and Beaver Street.  A couple recognizable buildings peak up from the downtown skyline.  I particularly like the advertising sign on the wall to the left.

The billboard has a particular connection to me although it predates me by a few years.  It advertises for Amaco gas but at the bottom of the billboard is the line “Don’t Miss 12-Hour Grand Prix for Amoco Trophy…Sebring, Florida. Sat., March 23rd.”  From my research this would date the photo from 1957.  The race was won by a Maserati 450s co-driven by Jean Behra and Juan Manuel Fangio and the second place finishing Maserati 300s co-driven by Stirling Moss and Harry Schell.  Also listed as a possible driver in the second place car was Carol Shelby although he never drove in the race. Those are some heavy hitters in the racing world. I first went to Sebring in 1960 as an infant while my father worked on the medical team there.

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