Florida Barber College On Park Street, 1970’s

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The Florida Barber College located on Park Street just West of King Street in the 1970’s.  According to Wayne Wood’s book Jacksonville’s Architectural Heritage, the Art Deco structure was built in 1941 as the Orange State Oil Company Service Station.  The building is now the home of the European Street Cafe.


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  1. 1 Paul September 7th, 2015 14:48H

    From ’75-’77 maybe? I used to get my hair cut here in about ’76-’77 for $3.00 which was cheap even then since they were students. The Owner was a friend of the family who’s wife had cut my mother’s hair since the early 50’s. I believe that is the owner’s white caddy under the drive-thru.

  2. 2 TJ August 5th, 2023 19:58H

    I believe my mother went here for barbering school back in the 50s.
    Do you know if there is an archive of students who studied and worked here?

    • 3 bob August 5th, 2023 20:40H

      TJ, I wish I knew where to point you for that information but I have no idea. Bob Self/Vintage Jacksonville

      • 4 TJ September 7th, 2023 14:40H

        Hey Bob. Thank you for responding. Since you’re such a history buff maybe this could be your next project? haha

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