Talleyrand Van Delivery

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“At one time the Brundage Co. brought thousands of VW cars here, in fact it was the distribution center for the Southeast.  This shows how the vehicle was taken off the German ship.”  LS

Brundage Motors was an early importer of German made vehicles to Jacksonville starting with Volkswagen and Porsche vehicles in the late 1950’s.  Brundage Motors later became Brumos Motor Cars.  Another photo in the Loyd Sandgren collection shows a Volkswagen Beetle being offloaded from the same ship.


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  1. 1 Byron July 10th, 2013 16:27H

    Thanks for sharing, any more vintage Brundage photos??

  2. 2 Bob / Vintage Jacksonville July 10th, 2013 16:37H

    Do a quick search for Brundage and a number of other posts will come up. Brundage and later on Brumos were regular clients of Loyd Sandgren from the Late 50’s through the late 60’s. Enjoy. Bob Self/Vintage Jacksonville

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